Recipe updates!

Since the start of this company, we've had one mission.

Solving skinny..
Our mission was to create something that set a new standard.
Not just on flavour but nutritional value too!

For you to understand why that matters so much to me you'll need to know a quick back story.

Growing up, I was small, tiny, weak, frail.. I was skinny.
I wasn't wealthy either I came from a hard working low income family so I didn't want to pester my parents for anything.

But occasionally I was fortunate enough to purchase that new massgainer that would solve all my skinny troubles..

but there was just one problem..
They all tasted horrible. Now I wasn't smart enough to know anything about nutrition back then, so not only did they taste bad they were fairly empty, just full of starch and low grade unfiltered proteins.

I tried many massgainers and I was never pleased.
Fast forward a few years I now know massgainers aren't the entire answer they are only part of it...It's hitting that daily surplus consistently while training hard, but convenience is the determining factor we all face when eating 3,000+ calories a day.

So with all that said, THEGROWTH COOKIE is the best tasting bulking product within Australia's market but we can do better.

For the past month we've been testing and formulating our current recipe to provide a cleaner more complex better product.

We've done it, in the very near future you will notice that brown rice flour is yet again one of the main ingredients within our product.

Better yet the flavour and texture hasn't changed a much at all, you won't even notice the difference.

- Brown rice flour was one of our main ingredients in our first year of establishment
- We removed it in one of the many thousand recipe formulations.
- We're bringing it back to create a cleaner more complex cookie!

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