It’s finally back!
THEGROWTH JUICE is by far the easiest way to consume calories and the best part is that it actually tastes like juice!

This idea came to me when I first started weight training...which was now just over 9 years ago...I was a 15 year old skinny kid dreaming of being the biggest in the room.

I had just purchased my first massgainer and after just one sip I was already hating the entire experience, it was gluggy, overly sweet, it even tasted more similar to medicine compared to it’s listed flavour “vanilla”.
I remember thinking why couldn’t this be a fizzy drink or juice?

So here we are, making dreams become reality.

I’m super excited for you all to try this amazing supplement as it’s truly a masterpiece, we’ve been able to balance the ting that juice brings along side the sweetness, best part is; it’s very easy to smash down.

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  • Aaron

    Ordered the blueberry lemonade. Very intruiged to see what it will be like. Enjoyed the cookies and excited about another calorie source without any lactose! If its good will probably try the raspberry cola flavor next :)

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